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WWDC 2023: What To Expect

It’s official Apple has announced the date for WWDC 2023. Here’s everything you need to know about WWDC 2023 when it is, how to watch the events, and what to expect.

Apple today announced that its 34th annual worldwide developers conference will take place from Monday, June 5th to Friday, June 9th like WWDC 2020, 2021 and 2022 WWDC 2023 will be an online event for the most part and it will be open to all developers at no cost
Starting off Apple’s made it official and WWDC or as attendees tend to call it dub dub will be taking place June 5th through 9th this will be a mixed in-person and remote event kind of as apple is bringing more people back to campus but developers will also be able to stream

content in sessions online additionally Apple will have a kickoff keynote on June 5th this keynote is when we expect Apple to announce most of its stuff and it’ll be streamable online for anybody even if you’re not a developer it’ll take place at 10 am Pacific Time or 1 pm Eastern Time Apple will be likely making a bunch of software changes since this is a developer-focused conference so we’re going to see things like iOS 17 iPad OS 17 the new version of Mac OS watch OS 10 TV OS 17 maybe homepod

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software 17 it’s kind of tied in there without an official kind of name going on but basically software updates to all of Apple’s platforms this year we also may get some Hardware which isn’t usually the case but there are two pieces of Hardware that are kind of developer-focused first we may get the first look at Apple’s VR headset the VR headset won’t be shipping right away but Apple will need developers to create software applications and use cases for this VR headset so Apple may give us our first

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look at the VR headset here at dub dub where developers can start kind of tinkering with the hardware and then start to work on their software for when the product actually launches beyond that we also may see the final Mac to get apple silicon a new Mac Pro the Mac Pro is the last one that has not moved from Intel to Apple silicon we’ve had more rumors recently on what this new machine could look like so because there’s a lot of developers there who may be using this a lot of professionals it could be the time that Apple takes to finally show this thing off so that is what to expect this new WWDC event 2023 June 5th through 9th we’re talking about new software maybe some new hardware



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