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What Really Happened To Beats By Dre?

Beats by Dre remember the days when these headphones were the hottest item on everybody’s wish list from A-list celebrities to your next-door neighbor Beats by Dre seemed to be a must-have accessory but what was it that took these headphones from a tech startup to one of the biggest Acquisitions in Apple’s history and what happened to the brand today that’s exactly what we’ll be taking a look at so without further Ado let’s go headphones they’re everywhere from our pockets to our ears it’s hard to imagine

a world without them but it wasn’t always this way for the longest time headphones were only being used in two capacities one was by the military and government for the equipment they use and the other was for professional sound design the popularity of consumer headphones has increased dramatically over the last several decades this trend can be tracked all the way back to the Advent of the personal audio Mark in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the introduction of portable cassette players walkmans and eventually portable

CD players and three players on October 23 2001 Steve Jobs announced the arrival of the iconic iPod which cost about 399 dollars it came with a pair of white earbuds it quickly became a status symbol for owning the latest and greatest Gadget from the tech industry but with this boom and portable media came a problem the headphones that were included with these devices were underwhelming, to say the least, they had a poor bass response muddy mid-ranges and external noise and these were just a few of the issues that were played

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taking these earbuds plus they were kind of bulky and didn’t really fit that comfortably in your ear oftentimes filing out if you just tilted your head to the left and to the right apple and his competitors were more focused on the MP3 technology than the sound quality of the earphones they provided with these devices as Luke would the CEO of Beats by Dre put it the audio experience was going down but in the world of digital recording we were doing more and more interesting things we were making things bigger but sound was getting tiny sound

Engineers were creating amazing mixes but the headphones being used couldn’t replicate the quality this created a gap in the market an opportunity for someone to develop a higher quality premium headphone in 2006 music industry legend Jimmy Iovine approached Luke wood a well-respected music executive and former Chief strategy officer at Interscope to discuss the challenges that were facing the music industry things like piracy although headphones were not part of their initial conversation Jimmy promised Luke that he

headphones on July 25th, 2008 beats, and Dre unleash the Monster Beats headphones priced at a premium 350 dollars but there was another challenge to headphones at this point so in a way the AirPods can be considered as the eventual downfall of the beach brand as Apple’s own product line overshadowed airpods are nothing short of a phenomenon for Apple since their launch in 2016 they’ve been flying off the shelves becoming one of the company’s most sought after accessories in 2018 they sold an impressive 35 million units and just a year later in 2019 that number skyrocketed to a staggering 60 million units sold that’s around 6 billion dollars in Revenue just from AirPods now

if we fast forward to 2022 these tiny earbuds are raking in a whopping 20 billion dollars a year for Apple it’s no wonder why the AirPods are so popular their compact design user-friendliness and seamless integration with Apple devices have made them a hit with the consumer they received glowing reviews for their sound quality law battery life and effortless connectivity it’s no surprise that Apple has sold tens of millions of AirPods worldwide which by the way makes them one of the most successful consumer Tech products

ever created ever but I think it would be safe to say that they would have never been able to do that had they not acquired beasts by Drake now since all of this went down there have been rumors that Apple is actually planning to kill off the beach brand altogether in the near future but for now that’s the story it Beats by Dre how they took off and what happened to the company since anyways that’s it for the video guys if you enjoyed the content be sure to hit the like button subscribe tap the notification Bell so you get notified
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