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Secret Invasion – Official Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion

An Original series is streaming on June 21 on Disney+.

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Well here we are the official trailer for Marvel’s secret invasion is here and it gives us our best look and details in regards to what we can expect with the upcoming MCU series I think it’s safe to say that the majority of takeaways after seeing this is gonna be it’s about time because this looks absolutely incredible in every single way tomorrow so in my opinion to this day the best single film that Marvel Studios has ever put out is Captain America and the Winter Soldier and in my opinion the

closer you can get to mimicking that and try to go for that type of tone and feel I think you have something on your hands Marvel’s secret invasion always said this would be closer to that boots on the ground a more serious story that’s more about Espionage about showing us a side of the Marvel universe that’s always been there but that’s never at the Forefront and that this would allow time for us to see Nick Fury in the Limelight and really what’s been going on with the Scrolls for decades

with the super scroll highly suggest you guys should check that out I will leave that uh you know as one of the pop-ups and I think there’s a lot in this that definitely confirms those details which I think is really important again um everything here, in my opinion, looks absolutely amazing and it’s what I want from more MCU content now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind the jokes and slapstick when it works with specific characters but I like Marvel characters that are more boots on the ground

or the occult and This falls into the boots on the ground and the mystery and the aspect of asking questions and the secret agents and what has Nick Fury really been up to seeing more Talos seeing what they’re bringing into this absolutely blown away and I cannot wait to see what this Series has to offer foreign



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