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Meta Verified: Why You Need to Cancel Your Subscription NOW!

Why you should think twice about subscribing to meta verify?

Apple does not want you to own your iPhone Everyone is always talking about digital real estate and believes that they have let that go to their head and they have plans on renting your iPhone to you but what does that have to do with social media you might ask me well it’s very simple we already have Twitter blue and according to Twitter it’s a service that elevates quality conversations on Twitter your comments are ranked higher if you subscribe to Twitter blue as well as receiving several other different features and

Just in case you were wondering why Twitter plans to charge eleven dollars for a Twitter blue subscription on the iPhone in order to account for the 30 cut that Apple takes from in-app purchases because a lot of people underestimate the greed of one of the wealthiest companies in American history and now we have meta verified following Twitter’s lead and offering a bundle of different services that you may not even be sure that you want or need and right now whether you subscribe to meta verified or not it is one of the

most important decisions that are possibly going to be made on the internet in a very long time right now there are supposedly only about 180 000 subscribers to Twitter blue which is less than 0.2 percent of the users on the platform but meta has a substantially larger audience with 3 billion Facebook users and approaching 2 billion Instagram users if meta can pull off Mass adoption of their meta verified program not only will they bring in a lot of cash Revenue to make investors happy but they will also change the way we’ve used the

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Internet for the past 20 years but let’s talk about the real problem of meta verify and how it’s going to change the internet forever you may think that it’s only 11 or 15 dollars a month but if you start thinking about it but this is going to cost anywhere from 290 to 360 dollars to verify two social media accounts a process that is performed once and done but you continue to pay monthly to maintain it it’s not as though every month they’re doing something different for you it’s only

them providing good service what would you think of Apple if they charged you for the security that they do provide for their devices or better yet what would you think of the base product if security was something you had to pay for in addition to the base product must be garbage if I have to pay for security and privacy and safety while using your platform or operating your device another problem with this subscription model that everybody is rolling out is that it involves the risk of price increases Netflix raised their prices

and millions of people unsubscribed but a lot of people stayed on and are suffering through those increased prices because they cannot control them if you subscribe to meta verify there is nothing to keep them from raising the subscription price a few months later we already see that Twitter blue provides quality ranking to comments and Meta verify was thinking of adding increased visibility to the bundle but have since removed it because of a lot of YouTube videos and blog posts and other things that highlighted the function and people

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called it pay-to-play but there is no telling what limitations Facebook Instagram or Twitter May place on users who do not subscribe in order to provide a so-called premium service to their subscribers the next problem is not so obvious but if you do decide to ever cancel your subscription you’re going to find it very difficult to do so because you’re going to be in the habit of paying the monthly subscription and of receiving the dopamine hits from seeing the blue check mark on your profile finally even though it has nothing to do

with notoriety but even more important than all of those previous reasons this is the one particular reason why you should think twice about subscribing to meta verify if meta verify is successful Among Us users it will set a precedent is something that people use to justify later actions and if we begin to pay for social media services that should be provided in the first place what is going to incentivize these platforms to fight impersonation to fight hackers to fight Bots and why not let them run wild and wreak havoc so

platforms worth it’s this verification badge going to add any value to my platform on Instagram or Facebook as a whole because as far as notoriety goes we’ve already talked about how it’s not really going to help you in that area because everyone is going to have a blue checkmark everyone is going to have a verified badge it’s going to mean something completely different it’s not going to be special anymore



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