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M251: The New Must-Have Sneaker From Marques Brownlee

From Tech Reviews to Sneaker Releases: MKBHD’s M251

Marques Brownlee is one of the most famous tech reviewers on YouTube, with 16.8M subscribers. He analyzed hundreds of products over time, and the question that has always been on the lips of his followers was: „ When will you create your own product? ”

After two years of planning, Marques announced that it has a new product: sneakers footwear, under the name M251. In a video posted on his channel, “I Made My Own Sneaker! M251,” he presented the design and creative process of this product.

As he explained, the M251 is the result of a collaboration between him and the Atoms company. Atoms is a company known for the comfort of its footwear, and this is their first Collaboration with Marques.


The process of creating the M251 lasted more than two years and involved many prototypes. Marques wanted to create a product that combines the best features of different types of footwear. For example, he wanted the M251 to be as easy as the NMDs, to have Jordan’s 1 figure, and the sole and elastic laces should be similar to those of Atoms footwear. He also considered other details, such as those from Blazer and Off-White collaborations.

After many attempts and tests, Marques and Atoms came to a final product, which he describes as a very comfortable „ daily mid ”. The top of the shoe is made of synthetic leather and recycled mesh material, which gives it a good balance between breathability and support.

M251 is a product that Marques Brownlee created with a lot of passion and dedication. He and his team put a lot of work into creating this product, and the end result is impressive. I’m curious how successful Marques will be with this product!

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