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KSI Wants To Face Bobby Lashley: WrestleMania 39

KSI made his debut to WWE Wrestlemania 39 today Saturday, April 1 and it was a huge surprise to WWE fans when he walk along with Logan Paul in a Prime Bottle costume to promote their brand PRIME.

Wrestlemania 39” was a massive global international event A massive moment coming out of WrestleMania here you can see in a video prime bottle which was revealed to be KSI and Logan was on top and was gonna splashes onto Seth Rollins

but Seth Grabs KSI and puts him at that moment Logan ends up splashing KSI instead he comes crashing down onto KSI who’s in that Prime bottle ends up putting him through the commentary table

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In the latest KSI backstage interview that happened, he was asked if he comes back who will he choose as his opponent he said if he was to come back he would want a matchup with the former WWE champion Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley’s replay on Twitter said “Not really what I had in mind for #WrestleMania but if no one else wants to step up…

It feels like WWE fans would love him as long as he takes it seriously
What do you think of KSI in WWE?



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