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KSI vs Joe Fournier Fight Officially Set For May 13 In London

Misfits and the DAZN X Series is coming back to London it’s double 007 time the villain is the badass billionaire Joe Fournier and the man with the license to Thrill is KSI

KSI versus Joe Fournier got confirmed as Joe Fournier’s Instagram and said “the deal is done I’m Back Where I Belong headlining Wembley Aruna under Zone boxing pay-per-view against KSI he said he is a brave man but his bravery has got him in over his head May 13 if you will see me take over crossover boxes”

KSI vs Joe Fournier

The fight is official and for the record, Joe Fournier is KSI’s toughest opponent yet we did get a glimpse last time when KSI fought for his temper of these two faces enough and the guy seems like a bit of a comedian he’s gonna be running a lot of Mind Games with KSI so the build-up could be entertained at least all right Joe

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In a recent Interview KSI’s next opponent, Joe Fournier wants to make an offer of 10 million pounds to buy Misfits boxing if he beats KSI but KSI said “I’m not too sure that’s a lot of money” KSI thinks Misfit it’s way more than 10 million
Misfits X Series: 007 is coming to London on May 13th



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