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Jussie Smollett Will Not Win His Appeal and Here’s Why!

It was really only a matter of time until the two Nigerian Brothers involved in the Jussie Smollett incident came out publicly to set the record straight It has been five years since the Jussie Smollett hoax at this point entering most of that process there was either a court case or investigations happening and so we didn’t really hear Too Much but now there’s now evidence

From the two Nigerian brothers who were involved in the Jussie Smollett hate hoax stunt and honestly it makes sense why probably they were being advised by their lawyers not to speak but now that the whole thing is over the Osundairo brothers are spilling the beans clearing the record and this comes right as Jussie Smollett is of peeling his case and let’s just say he’s probably not too happy about it let see exactly what’s going on Youtube Video a Fox Nation original Fox Nation

What It’s most satisfying about this whole thing is that it turned out in the end that the average detractor
You know the regular person who just wasn’t buying the Democrat or the left-wing media narrative Hook Line and Sinker were pretty much right about everything you know transporting back to that specific time in history I remember this story popping up everywhere the media gushing all over Jussie Smollett telling us just how credible his story was just how much of a poor little victim he was which is having conversations with the average person the average friend most people were thinking man this thing doesn’t add up

at all and then I remember the security camera footage being released of the two individuals with supposed Mega hats and something seemed really off the prevailing joke at the time was that these supposed two white Mega hat-wearing Republican voter extremists were actually in fact two black men I think most people were very skeptical of Jussie Smollett’s tale and in the end most of the speculation pretty much all of the speculations was 100 accurate we now have a clear picture that depicts the entire series of events

and the Osundairo brothers claim that Jussie Smollett’s stated intention was just as self-serving and shallow as initially thought “He wanted to be the poster boy for activism he wanted to be the hero for gay people” said Abel Osundairo of the motives of Smollett who was found guilty of disorderly conduct over the 2019 incident just over a year ago a conviction against which the actor is appealing you know I think one of the key elements that had people questioning the legitimacy of this attack in the first place was the timing of it all

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being a little bit too coincidental Jussie Smollett had an album that was dropping I believe in maybe a couple of weeks if not maybe a month or so and all of a sudden right before his album drops his name is everywhere overnight he becomes some sort of woke activist folk hero who fended off the mega Scourge apparently even instructing the two Austin dero Brothers to beat on him but to let him fight back orchestrating a scene of Juicy Smollett fending off to white supremacist Mega extremists so he could be hailed as a hero like I just

stated standing against the Maga Scourge shows you the thought process of the woke grifter this is why it’s so hard to trust and take these activist types seriously I mean the depraved mindset acting out this morally perverted scene where you cast an entire group as hateful racists roaming the streets at night looking to commit hate crimes you inject that kind of Venom into society all because you’re trying to make yourself a social justice hero me me me fortunately enough though Jussie Smollett is learning the hard way he’s now finally

appealing his conviction stemming from the 2019 hate crime hoax prosecutor in the case isn’t so impressed with Jussie Smollett’s appeal anticipating that Smollett’s attorney
would be making those claims again the office of the special prosecutor has repeatedly said in previous filings those arguments are beyond the scope of Smollett’s appeal the brief also argues that Smollett’s rights were violated many times during his trial including when prosecutors were allowed to reject a gay person and all but one African-American from the jury in other words juicy smellier continues to try to illegitimately take advantage of sensitive cultural issues to his own perceived benefit Mr. Smollett

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is clearly getting extremely desperate here very simply because I think he knows he’s screwed other individuals involved in the case who have completely flipped on him they’ve set the record straight and really Jussie never stood a chance of getting away with this in the first place because, to be honest with you he may be ranked pretty high up there in the rankings of the worst criminals in American history and I don’t mean the worst criminal is in like really bad vicious criminals I just mean like bad at crime leaving a paper trail

paying those two Osundairo brothers by Check, all the text messages the video evidence of the two brothers walking into a hardware store and buying all of the gear the body cam footage at his home where he left the rope tied around his neck on purpose because he wanted to quote preserve the evidence the whole thing is just so ridiculous but at least he had the hindsight of telling those Osundairo Brothers to not bring their cell phones to the scene of the crime at least he’s better than most of the criminals that I see on the first 48 who

are totally oblivious to the concept of cell phone geolocation tracking it may not be the worst criminal of all time but he’s certainly up there Jussie Smollett will not win this appeal his rights were not violated he was not discriminated against he’s just a self-serving ego Maniac sociopath who didn’t get away with it and got exposed seems as though this might be the end of the Jussie Smollett Saga!



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