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Jonathan Majors DROPPED by His Management Agency

It’s official and not a rumor Jonathan Major has officially been dropped by his Agency company meaning he no longer has representation in Hollywood.

it is not good news for the future of Jonathan Majors and his possible future as Kang in the MCU. Jonathan majors in management entertainment 360 part ways actor facing domestic violence allegations in NYC where they go on to report exclusive talent manager entertainment 360 has dropped Jonathan Majors several sources

Major’s longtime manager comes three weeks after the magazine Dream star was arrested on domestic violence charges in New York City currently starring in Creed 3 and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Major’s departure was due to issues surrounding the actor’s personal Behavior we are informed Majors representation problems don’t stop with entertainment 360 PR firm the lead company also initiated a break with the Avengers actor last week they go on to say as a more minor

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actions or behavior quote unquote detrimental to the league so the management company cutting ways with him again can be in that same respect where he’s not necessarily found guilty in a court of law but they find based on their own findings that discipline is still necessary or in this case that they want to cut ties with the actor and so this does not mean he’s guilty of any crime it’s just not necessarily a great sign for what a huge company like Marvel may choose to do with the actor going forward
Marvel did say that they are not considering replacing him until all the evidence comes out so it will probably be a while before we find out whether or not Kang will be replaced in the MCU.

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