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Jonathan Majors Arrested for Assaulting His Girlfriend

There are more details coming out about the incident that led to Creed 3 star Jonathan Majors arrest in New York City earlier today he’s being accused of attacking a woman the woman now is being identified allegedly as his girlfriend

Creed 3 star Jonathan Majors was arrested for allegedly attacking a woman so originally TMZ reported that law enforcement sources told them that the actor was booked Saturday morning on charges of strangulation assault and harassment they’re told that cops responded to a call for service around 11 Am

Eastern near the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan TMZ is told that the alleged victim, in this case, is a female relay to police that Majors had gotten into a dispute with her and proceeded to attack her at the time their relationship was unknown well there is an update there is identifying this woman as his girlfriend before we get to the full update so this is what originally was reported in the original story they said the alleged victim had visible injuries including a laceration behind her ears redness and marks to her face she was taken

to an area hospital and is in stable condition Jonathan Majors was arrested on the spot because of the physical evidence and evidence of probable cause so here’s the update in regards to the details that have that allegedly led up to this incident so TMZ writes this per our law enforcement sources police were told that the alleged victim is Major’s girlfriend and according to her they got into an argument while in a taxi returning home from a bar in Brooklyn, their sources say the police were told that the girlfriend saw another woman

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texting majors and she confronted him trying to sneak a peek at his phone we’re told the alleged victim slash girlfriend claims this got Majors mad and then he allegedly grabbed her and allegedly slapped her they continue and they say we’re also told the alleged victims claims he put his hands around her neck during this our sources say that the woman was was dropped off somewhere and that Jonathan Majors spent the night elsewhere it appears the girlfriend went to police the following morning and reported

the crime as I told you before and I’ve seen all of your comments in the breaking news video that I just did covering the story a lot of you saying an accusation like this can ruin someone’s career let’s wait for more details I didn’t expect that these particular details would be coming so quickly however according to Jonathan Majors rep they had to say this he’s done nothing wrong we look forward to clearing his name and clearing this up

We’ve never reported or heard of any incidents similar to Jonathan Majors before but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.



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