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Jay Z’s Roc Nation Take Action After Fans Racially Abuse Romelu Lukaku

in Inter Milan‘s recent match against rival Juventus Striker Romelu Lukaku was racially abused after Lukaku scored to make it 1-1 he struck this pose in front of the racist fans Juventus players confronted the Belgian and a scuffle broke out between both sides you can see some members of inter put their arms around Lukaku While others pushed and shoved near the spot Lukaku would walk away but the ref would hunt him down giving him a second yellow and thus he was forced to be removed from the match players were livid with the decision

taken Michael R Yormack Roc Nation Sports’ International president wrote in a statement following tonight’s racist remarks made towards Romelu Lukaku by Juventus fans that were despicable and cannot be accepted the Italian authorities must use this opportunity to tackle racism rather than punish the victim of the abuse I am certain that the footballing world shares the same sentiment we have come to expect disappointment and how various leagues in this sport tackle racism Syria is no different in a statement it strongly

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Colombian Juan Cuadrado of Juventus would push Lukaku and the Belgian would push back the beautiful game once again rears its ugly head for Lukaku it is another instance of racism no matter where he is in the world bigoted Minds just seemed to attack him for simply existing he is represented by Roc Nation Sports International they wrote in a statement he was targeted prior to kickoff during the match and after the penalty, they are calling out Juventus to issue an apology and the authorities demanding action be

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condemned all instances of it but did not name the Belgian a few people in the stands can’t ruin football and don’t represent all the fans at the stadium Syria clubs will as they always have be able to find the individuals responsible and ban them for life from their grounds Lukaku would write on Instagram history repeats itself been through it in 2019 and 2023 again I hope the league really take action for real this time because this beautiful game should be enjoyed by everyone thank you for the supportive

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