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Rockstar’s not set in stone deadline is holiday 2024 for GTA 6 which has been pushed back multiple times in the past few years unfortunately it could slip into early 2025. now this is big news that basically says Rockstar’s deadline for GTA 6 is the end of 2024 currently and yeah this makes sense this lines up with news and leaks we got last year as well from Jason schreier so it’s all but confirmed at this point since we’ve had multiple sources say it over

the past year GTA 6 is most likely going to be releasing at the end of 2024 or early 2025 so about two years Ted says speaking of which most companies are returning with a forced return to office policy Activision blue lizard has already done this and there’s been a lot of backlash by the employees and Rockstar is no different so what this most likely means is all employees will no longer be able to work from home and they’ll have to go into the office with almost the entirety of the workforce in office Rockstar could be more firm about

an announcement this year yet losing Work Talent could very much lead to more delays now I don’t know about you guys but whenever I work from home you can kind of slack off and not be as productive and it seems like most companies most developers have been realizing this and they’re forcing their employees to return to work however some employees are actually quitting because of that so if Rockstar had to hire new employees then yeah that could slow down development of course Ted says he sees an announcement as a given this year so

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he thinks that we are 100 getting a GTA 6 announcement this year he says I don’t think the upper management is in a position to delay it further to Holiday 2025 or 2026 cutting more portions of the game to package into DLCs to release later on may be sustainable for management than delaying further now this is very interesting because again this does line up with what we heard I think way back in 2021 from Jason Trier when he said GTA 6 isn’t actually going to be a huge game it’s gonna be a medium-sized game with most content

releasing after launch I need you guys to let me know what you think of this is that a good or a bad thing it does seem like that’s what most games are doing nowadays anyway so it’s not really a surprise that GTA 6 could do this too in my opinion as long as we get a good product at launch I’m okay with some of the content being moved back to DLCs that’ll give the game a lot more life for years and years to come and I think we all expect at this point to not get another GTA game for at least a decade

after GTA 6. alright so this next big bit of GTA 6 leaks is actually kind of more crazy than what we just heard before 50 Cent who of course is a famous rapper earlier in the week I posted this on Twitter he said I’ll explain this later green light gang this bigger than power trust me boom and then he posted a picture of my City Grand Theft Auto Vice City he Then followed this up on Instagram by posting another Vice City picture saying we’re working together or are you just effing around big moves only now you know if he was

actually working with Rockstar this would most likely break any NDA he had and Rockstar would tell him to take it down immediately and that’s what’s happened these have been taken down by 50 Cent so I don’t know is he gonna be in GTA 6 in some capacity I’m not I’m not too sure is it all smoke and mirrors I don’t know but hey I thought I’d let you know and we’re gonna finish off the video by talking about Rockstar getting hacked again this time it wasn’t really Rockstar themselves but the Rockstar

crew on the Rockstar Social Club has been hijacked it’s been taken over and hacked by someone random now if you want to hear more about this I’ll link gillymaster’s video in the description below but this guy who has hijacked their crew is post thing on the Rockstar crew wall saying ten thousand dollars for your crew back Rockstar that is that is wild I hope Rockstar gets this fixed and sorted as soon as they can Rockstar is also not alone on this a lot of creators and just people who own Crews who are the leader of crews are having
their Crews being hijacked so yeah this is something that needs to be fixed ASAP!



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