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Reader Revenue Manager Setup

Google News Reader Revenue Manager Setup

Back in 2018, Google Introduced Subscribe with Google a new way to buy a subscription, using your Google account, on participating news sites but it is now here, and if you’re a news publisher how can you set it up for your website? Now This guide shows how to set up your Reader Revenue Manager Integration in WordPress.

Before getting started, you’ll need to make sure your website is already verified with Google News Publisher Center and Search Console to learn more about it Verify your content

Get started with Reader Revenue Manager

Here are 3 Easy Step to Set Up Reader Revenue Manager


You can choose to monetize your content with subscriptions (by adding a paywall) or with contributions.

You’ll need to Open Publisher Center Select the publication Click Reader Revenue Manager.
If you don’t have the Reader Revenue Manager module in Publisher Center, you contact Google our support team.

To set Up Pricing is very simple all you have to do is Select whether or not to have a paywall then elect Subscriptions or Contributions.
At the bottom, click Save.


For a subscriptions pricing plan, you must choose an individual price combined with a recurrence period. For example, you may create one pricing plan for a $10 USD monthly payment and another pricing plan for a $100 USD yearly payment


To receive payments from Reader Revenue Manager, you must set up a payments profile. Your payments profile will be associated with your account through Google Payments Center. You can share and use it across other Google products.

To make Reader Revenue Manager available on your site, you must add the code snippet from Publisher Center.

To add the code snippet: Open Publisher Center.
Select the publication.
Click Reader Revenue Manager.
Next to “Finalize & add pricing to your site,” click Add code snippets to your site.
Click Copy snippet.

Do not select Done. You must first add the code snippet to your CMS.
Go to your CMS and paste the snippet in the tag of each page where you want the pricing prompt.
For subscription pricing:
On pages that you want to be accessible at no charge: Add the open access snippet.
On pages that you want to paywall: Add the product ID snippet.
For contribution pricing: Add the snippet on all pages where you want the pricing prompt.
In Publisher Center, click Done.

Add code snippet to your site

Launch your WordPress Admin.
On the left, under the “Plugins” section, click Add New.
On the Search bar, enter “WPCode.”

You can find the“WPCode – Insert Headers and Footers + Custom Code Snippets – WordPress Code Manager” plugin.
To install this plugin, click Install Now.
Once you install the plugin, to add a snippet:
On the left, under “Code Snippets,” click Add snippet and then Add Your Custom Code.

Add a title you want to use for your snippet.
Copy the Reader Revenue Manager code snippet.
Paste the Reader Revenue Manager code snippet from the “CMS Sync” tab in Google Publisher Center.

Turn on Active.
Set “Code type” to “HTML Snippet.” For:
Set the Insertion method to “Auto Insert.”
Set Location to “Site Wide Header.”
Update Priority from “10” to “1.
At the top right, click Save snippet.


Verify Your Identity
Important: To protect you from fraud, this step is required.

To accept payments from Reader Revenue Manager, you must go through an identity verification process.

Next to “Finish up & activate,” click Verify your identity to accept payments.
Follow the on-screen instructions.
What you need
For an individual payments profile:
Proof-of-identity document
Your address
For a business payments profile:
Proof-of-organization document
Organization address
Organization registration number
Authorized representative’s identity
Authorized representative’s address
Tip: It may take up to 3 business days to get verified.

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