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East New York, Season 1, Episode 20 -A Humbling Blues

East New York

Released Date: 2022
Genres: Crime Drama
Stars: Amanda Warren  Kevin Rankin  Richard Kind
Synopsis: Follows the recently promoted police captain of East New York, Regina Haywood, who leads a diverse group of officers and detectives, some of whom are hesitant to deploy her creative methods of serving and protecting.

Season 1

East new york.S01E01: 480p 

East new york.S01E02: 480p

East new york.S01E03: 480p

East new york.S01E04: 480p

East new york.S01E05: 480p

East new york.S01E06: 480p 

East new york.S01E07: 480p 

East new york.S01E08: 480p 

East new york.S01E09: 480p

East new york.S01E10: 480p 

East new york.S01E11: 480p 

East new york.S01E12: 480p

East new york.S01E13: 480p

East new york.S01E14: 480p

East new york.S01E15: 480p

East new york.S01E16: 480p

East new york.S01E17: 480p

East New York. S01E18: 480p

East New York. S01E19: 480p

East New York. S01E20: 480p



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