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Dear Edward

Released: 2023
Genre: Drama
Stars: Colin O’Brien, Eva Ariel Binder, Khloe Bruno
Synopsis: A 12-year-old boy becomes the lone survivor of a plane crash. As he and others affected by the tragedy try to make sense of what happened, unexpected friendships, romances, and communities are formed.

Dear Edward.S01E01: 480p | 720px26510bit | 1080px265

Dear Edward.S01E02: 480p | 720px26510bit | 1080px265

Dear Edward.S01E03: 480p | 720px26510bit | 1080px265

Dear Edward.S01E04: 480p | 720px26510bit | 1080px265

Dear Edward.S01E05: 480p | 720px26510bit | 1080px265

Dear Edward.S01E06: 480p | 720px26510bit | 1080px265

Dear Edward.S01E07: 480p | 720px26510bit | 1080px265

Dear Edward.S01E08: 480p | 720px26510bit | 1080px265

Dear Edward.S01E09: 480p | 720px26510bit | 1080px265

Dear Edward.S01E10: 480p | 720px26510bit | 1080px265



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