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How To Create Brave Ads Self-Serve?

Brave launched its Self-Serve Ads Program. These new tools allow brands to set up and run advertising for their products and services within the privacy-preserving Brave Ads and Rewards ecosystem. This is an important next step on the roadmap for Brave and the Basic Attention Token (BAT) to provide effective advertising that protects users’ privacy.

What is Brave Ads self-serve?

Brave Ads self-serve is a platform that allows advertisers to create and manage their own advertising campaigns on the Brave browser, a privacy-focused web browser that rewards users with cryptocurrency for opting in to view ads. The platform allows advertisers to target specific audiences, create ad campaigns with various formats, and monitor their performance using real-time analytics. With Brave Ads self-serve, advertisers have full control over their advertising campaigns, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

By following these steps, you can apply and sign up for and set up Brave Ads self-serve for your website. This can be an effective way to promote your website to a privacy-respecting audience on the Brave browser, while also earning cryptocurrency rewards for users who engage with your ads.

Step 1: Apply or Sign Up for Brave Ads Self-Serve

Go to Brave-adsself-serve and click “Sign up”.
Filled out the information required with your email address and your website and click “Sign up” Then after submitting your information in 2 or 3 days they’ll send you an email either approving or not approved be sure to apply carefully.

Step 2: Create a campaign

Once your application is approved, click “Create Campaign” in the top right corner.
Choose “Traffic” as your campaign objective.
Give your campaign a name and select the start and end dates.
Choose the countries you want to target and set a daily budget.
Click “Create Campaign”.

Step 3: Create an ad

On the campaign dashboard, click “Create Ad”.
Give your ad a name and select the ad format
Click “Create Ad”.

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Step 4: Target your audience

On the campaign dashboard, click “Audience” to define your target audience.
Choose the targeting type (for example, keywords or interests).
Enter your targeting criteria (for example, people interested in your website’s topic or industry).
Set your bid per click and click “Save”.

Step 5: Launch your campaign

Review your campaign settings, ad creative, and targeting.
Click “Launch Campaign”.
Wait for your campaign to be approved (this usually takes a few hours).
Once your campaign is approved, your ads will start showing to Brave browser users who have opted-in to see privacy-respecting ads.

Step 6: Monitor your campaign performance

Use the analytics provided by the Brave Ads self-serve platform to monitor your campaign’s performance.
Track your ad impressions, clicks, and spend.
Adjust your targeting and bid per click as needed to optimize your campaign.

Once your first campaign has been set up, send an email to to continue the onboarding process. Their team will provide you with the prepayment invoice and guide you through the rest of the process.
Once they receive your prepayment amount, they will confirm it, and your campaign will go live. Please note that the amount of prepayment required will be dependent on your campaign budget, and they accept both USD and BAT (Basic Attention Token).

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