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Assassin 2023 Movie Review

Dominic Purcell and Bruce Willis in his final acting role appear in the science fiction action Movie Assassin based on Aaron Wolfe’s short film let them die like lovers and he co-wrote with Jesse Atlas and Jesse directed assassin the release of assassin is scheduled for March 31 2023

The movie’s plot centers on a secret military organization run by balmora which develops cutting-edge microchip technology that allows agents to take control of another person’s body and Carry Out lethal covert missions

but when agent Sebastian is assassinated while on a covert Mission his wife Alexa must step in to try to find a person who killed him and bring him to Justice Alexa is irate and demands explanations Sebastian who is portrayed by Mustafa Shakir was a drone pilot before suffering a workplace accident that put him in a coma she presses valmora the leader of a private military operation played by Bruce Willis for clarification Alexa ultimately saves him from a lady with a knife who shows up on a bicycle and attacks him despite the fact that

she started the meeting with a gun pointed at his head his attacker claimed to have no memory of the attack making it the most recent of several similar events the script for assassin was developed by Jesse Atlas and Aaron Wolfe from the short let them die like lovers which also starred Shakir furthermore the first few minutes provide just enough action and inquiries to make the outcome seem intriguing regrettably the solutions aren’t really novel Sebastian used technology created by Val Morris crew to take control of human

bodies to create the dronesy flu saying we kill the evil guys someone else Bears the blame they don’t seem to care that they left an innocent individual to take the fall his secret was discovered while working on a case involving Adrian played by Dominic Purcell and he was shot in the head as a result Adrian referred to be the fixer’s fixer thus now possesses the technology and Alexa a former member of the Black Ops may be the only one who can get it back assassin is a fairly low-tech and low-budget movie so don’t anticipate

fancy VFX or a lot of true science fiction material despite the theme in their Refuge an abandoned Factory Alexa assumes control of a body by donning a wetsuit and lying in an ice-filled bathtub I’m still unsure of exactly how she connected to a chip in the target’s brain using a light and a laptop all we are told is that the brain is merely an electrical system it gives us access to many brief scenes in which Alexa jumps into a body murders a stranger and then disappears leaving the Drone to face jail or worse

Molly a character played by Andy Allo is the one exception and Adrian admires him to stay near to him and find the chip Alexa periodically enters and exits her body do of Molly’s ignorance of Alexa’s bodily functions issues result also there is a scene where she is imprisoned in Molly’s body and finds herself in The Hideout staring at her own body in the bathtub again there is no explanation for how this occurred rather the audience is asked to accept it which is true of far too many other events in Assassin

Willis himself really shares scenes with the rest of the Ensemble and gets a good amount of screen time he just has little to do other than yell instructions and make an effort to sound intimidating although he performs it adequately it is hardly a role on which to end a career like his foreign



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