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Apple Music Classical is Now Available What is So Special About It?

After several months of waiting, Apple Music Classical is Now Available Today March 28th in Apple Play Store And it’s FREE to Download

Apple Music Classical it’s the new Apple music app dedicated towards classical music
Apple music classical app offers Apple Music subscribers access to over 5 million classical music tracks including new high-quality releases in addition to hundreds of curated playlists thousands of exclusive albums and other features like composer bios and deep Dives on key works the app offers a simpler interface for interacting with the classical music specifically unlike the existing Apple music app Apple music classical allows users to search by composer work conductor catalog number and more users can get more detailed information from editorial notes and descriptions

What So Special About Apple Music Classical?

Apple Music Classical is based on the Prime phonic classical music streaming service that Apple acquired in 2021, the new app leverages Prime phonics playlist and audio content search capabilities metadata, and more anyone who has an apple music subscription or an apple one subscription will automatically be able to take advantage of this new app you won’t have to pay for anything extra and you can go ahead and install it right NOW

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Apple music classical is currently on iOS devices Only with 15 or newer, Apple did mention that an Android app is going to be available soon quote unquote but we’re more curious about Mac and iPad OS like when is that going to be making its way hopefully at some point maybe during WWDC we might see that added on as kind of a little bonus for Mac OS and iPad OS but again as of right now it is IOS only but if you’re super into app Apple classical Apple actually made a Twitter account for this app and so you can go check it out at Apple classical

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