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iOS 16.4.1 Apple Very Important Update You Need NOW

Apple has just released an emergency software update for your iPhone iPad and Mac iOS 16.4.1 iPad OS 16.4.1 and Mac OS 13.3.1 the size of the download it’s about two gigabytes that are only if you’re updating from iOS 16.2 or 16.3 however if you’re updating from IOS 16.

To 16.4.1 the download could be as low as 300 megabytes on your device or as low as 290 megabytes give or take now there are two things that Apple has addressed here with their release notes we have the first thing here is pushing hand emoji not displaying the skin tone variants

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However, the most important reason why you should update to iOS 16.4.1 iPad was 16.4.1 and Mac OS 13.3.1 is Apple has patch 2 active exploits so security issues within your iPhone that could impact you of course so you want to make sure you stay up to date with the latest software update on your iPhone so make sure you go download iOS 16.4.
on your iPhone on your iPad update as well it’s always important to have these security patches in place

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