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Andrew Tate RELEASED From Prison

Andrew Tate & Tristan Tate and the two girls in a case appeal have been successful according to the courts right now and they’ve been granted house arrest one step closer to Freedom it says off to try and more than three months to get out of custody the Court ruled that Andrew and Tristan Tate and the two women, in this case, today the two came before the judges and it was said that they’re released finally now this is massive it’s house arrest meaning there will be still an ongoing case against them but they will spend it

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at their house they’ll be staying in their house only there’ll be certain restrictions on what they can do but they are coming home this is not an ongoing thing it’s going to take a while Evo it actually says in the paperwork that we’ve seen from the course they’re gonna be released from custody tonight and thank this judge and the system for finally seeing what is going on but still this whole situation has definitely been corrupt and it’s still going to be put through it there’s going

to be ongoing court dates for them to attend but it’s better that they’re on house arrest and still have their freedom to do stuff for now until they’re found innocent

Here is the Full Statement



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